When Nestle Ice Cream called us in for a pitch to, we were given two challenges to overcome that would ultimately be the deciding factor in determining their PR agency of record: provide a solution for every brand’s on-going struggle to build consumer affinity and launch La Cremeria Classically Mint, its luxurious new ice cream that would drain market share from their toughest competitors.

Drawing from our own experience as women, La Cremeria’s target audience, we took the task head on and developed an integrated campaign plan that the client at first reffered to as ‘highly ambitious’. We centred our campaign around how we could position an ice cream brand as more than just a bit of occasional indulgence.

La Cremeria has been always been the premium, luxurious brand with heart, so we thought that the best way for the brand to connect with women was to generate real conversations around real issues — in this case it was around the importance of self-care.

Working with influencers and a certified life coach, we held a panel discussion with journalists, editors and other women to discuss the importance of self-care in a mint-themed space complete with clever workshops, pampering experiences and of course, ice cream.

Our plan did not just help La Cremeria score editorials, good will and win market share — it also won us the pitch.